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A collection of mainly web- and mail-order shops supplying things to “The Dutch Abroad”

Dutch goods from mail-order and internet shops, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Businesses catering to the Dutch abroad include:

Boodschappen uit Holland – the first newsletter from this on-line shop (in May 2006) shows all manner of more durable goods, like T-shirts supporting the Oranje side in the world soccer / voetbal championships, chocolate tulips, and ‘schminck’ – face paint. From the February 2008 Newsletter: Boodschappenuitholland charges only the carriage cost as charged by TNTpost – the Dutch mail service.

Bruna – a station kiosk and high street chain supplies Dutch books.

Dutch Candy Store – in Gouda, for your sweet tooth. They do now mention their real address, Veenenburg 19, Gouda. W: .

Dutch Expat Shop – a new entry to this list, promising “only the best from Holland”

Dutch Food Com – does not include a street address either, nor a chamber of commerce registration number; it may be hard to get in touch from abroad if e-mail queries were not handled to your satisfaction.

Dutch Groceries can also be bought at – you guessed this first time ‘round, I expect – from There is a clearly marked page dealing with postage costs, 8 Euro for up to 2kg, 44 Euro for 20 to 30 kg, is often the stumbling block – and that is inside Europe.

Dutch Dutch Taste, Dutch Taste, Postbus 146, 2100 AC Heemstede, have an internet shop with a large assortment, and allow payment by cheque for those who prefer this. added 20 nov 04, based on the firm’s e-mail submission

Eucalypta – Nederlands snoepgoed / Dutch sweets. W:

Feestpak – one page which leads to several pages where gifts from the Netherlands can be ordered.

Haring in London? In july 2012 Caroline Doggart replied to confirm she had eventually located a fishmongers, Moxons, in Bute Street, South Kensington, who need two days’ notice to stock herring prepared in the Dutch ‘Haring Kaken’ manner.

Hema have quietly removed themselves from the UK, where they’d set up eight shops at railway stations.

Holland Feestpakket – Judith assembles and mails packages containing specific Dutch treats – such as speculaas, strooigoed, banketstaaf, drop and much more. W:

Holland Products is run by Ton Visser and Angelique Dikkers – the only people to present their faces on their website.

Hollandse Producten – Ger Jonkeren brought his web-shop to our attention in October 2005. We will undoubtedly see the assortment grow as customers bring other products which they could not get hold of elsewhere to his attention.

Holland Web Winkel – yet another web-based shop, with 743 products at last count. Postage at standard TNT postal package rates. W:

HollandwinkelIndische Rijsttafel ingredienten and Delftware set this shop apart from others. E: P: P.O. Box 33, 1140 AA  Monnickendam W:

Home Sweet Holland is a shop selling specific Dutch breakfast treats (‘De Ruijter’), cookies and liquorice (mainly speculaasjes and ‘Venco’ drop), specific Dutch condiments (‘Calve and Gouda’s Glorie sauzen’), Other (‘Koopmans’ mixen, stroop and erwtensoep), and non-food items such as a poffertjes pan and little Dutch flag cocktail sticks., P: Home Sweet Holland, 46 Broom Avenue, Manchester M19 2UD T: 0161 612 8192 or by text message: 0790 3456 395,  E: E:  W:

I miss Holland is an initiative from Hennie, who was for many years the true and tested source of all that special Dutch stuff which expatriates suddenly crave when no longer able to walk into a local shop to buy. As Hennie puts it : to provide the boerenkool met worst and zuurkool met spek. Over time she built a small internet shop, and recently asked to include her address on our site; with pleasure. added 12 dec  2008.

INTDIST is a shop with a difference, in that they ship goods from many well known dutch shops, including De Bijenkorf (well stocked upper echelon department store), Hulshof (upper echelon furniture shop), IKEA mass market furniture), Overtoom (providers of anything you’d need to kit out your office or store room) and VerSier (huge garden toys and play things). They even have electrical transformers in their assortment. .

Kiekeboe Snoepgoed is a webshop with a visual difference, their entry page looks good, their address in Gorinchem is included.

Post een kaartje – send a real postcard to someone in the Netherlands, but so far only with a computer typeface. Perhaps they will one day accept a scanned image of the actual text you wrote, and print that on the card. The cost seems reasonable, at Eur 2.50 per card.

Real Dutch Food can also be bought at – you guessed it – Aschwin van Fessem alerted me to his well laid-out shop in September 2006.

Speculaas Spice Company launched in May 2014, following the discovery of the founders’ Dutch grandmothers’ sweet tasting spice mix.
The vandotsch speculaas spice mix consists of a perfectly-balanced mixture of nine organic spices including real, high grade, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, cloves, ginger and six other spices delivering deliciously warm, sweet and spicy ‘layers’ of taste taking any simple cinnamon taste to another level. The spice mix and several other speculaas related items, such as wooden moulds to make authentic looking and tasting speculaas biscuits, can be purchased online. In addition to the online shop there is a dedicated vandotsch speculaas spice recipe website at with recipes from food bloggers, chefs and bakers, including two Great British Bake Off finalists. submitted by Mr Steven Dotsch, The Speculaas Spice Master Chef, The Speculaas Spice Company Ltd
W:   T: 0031 20 8374 8718  source: a comment left in 2015

Theaterboekwinkel – a bookshop which specialises in anything to do with performing arts – website in Dutch only. They have a bookshop, rare books etc., a large DVD and video collection, and sheet music. Genres ondermeer: cabaret, Nederlandse muziek, theater, toneel teksten, ballet en dans, film, maar ook circus en kermis, opera, operette en oratoria. W:  T: 0031 33 465 7562  source: e-mail 19 apr 05

The Holland Shop have a real address on their site, in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and a good looking website. .

Typical Dutch Stuff is – by dint of the alphabetical ordering employed – the last but perhaps not the least. They have a wide assortment of foodstuffs, but I was not able to find their street address.


Webshops which couldn’t be reached in December 2022 :

Dropje could once upon a time supply your dropjes (Dutch liquorice).  E: , ‘timed out’ in December 2022.

Dutch Farmhouse Cheese – the real ‘Boerenkaas’ could be bought from a stall at London’s Borough Market, where Chris Macfarlane and his wife used to take a stand every Friday and Saturday. They also had a website, which couldn’t be reached in December 2022 :

Holland at Home – another web-shop which offered a good selection of Dutch products for those living too far away to regularly buy their own, although prices seemed rather – well – pricey; the website ‘takes too long to respond’ when Trying to access in both Edge and Firefox. .

Replica ship models. It started as a hobby of the husband, and grew into a small business for the wife: selling models of ships. The Dutch Golden Age, nostalgic fishing boats, and Tall Ships are some of the items on offer at E: source: e-mail submission, in December 2022 repeatedly ‘server not found’.

Stroopwafelshop was built along the same lines as Poffertjesshop, with industrial strength equipment and a recipe which sounds workable. Both seemed subsidiaries of , unfortunately these websites couldn’t be reached in December 2022 : ‘connection timed out’ and ‘webdomain available’ were the replies.

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3 Replies to “Shops”

  1. Where can I buy Dutch Croquettes or Botterbollen in London please?

    Web-editor’s reply :

    Searched the ‘net for ‘kroketten‘ and ‘bitterballen‘, came up with two online shops delivering from the Netherlands (lowest postage 17 Euro for up to 30kg), and one in the UK – in Telford, going by the telephone number. Please ensure that you’re happy to trust either of these companies, with whom I have no personal experience : www . artfoodshop . co . uk : they charge £9 for 30 bitterballen, reduced to £32.40 when you buy 120;
    The Dutch shop with the lower postage charges €10 per 1200gram (approx. 60) AH bitterballen – note that 800 gram / 40 bitterballen can be bought in store for €3,45 – hence you appear to pay in the order of double price in the supermarket : the journey to the UK adds quite a bit to the cost per item, plus the postage.

    May I suggest making them yourself? It’s a fairly easy recipe*, you can prepare the bitterballen and kroketten the day before, then fry on the day (either vegetable fat deep-fry, or a lean air-fryer) – see : and for the basic recipes.

    * Easy, but please do a trial run to confirm that your available equipment and ingredients do the job in the time allocated : my air-fryer for example needs more time and a lower setting than the manual suggests, and post-BSE UK gelatin may differ.

    May I wish you a succesfull whatever it is you’d need them for?

    1. I’ve made both Kroketten and Bitterballen before. They were cheap to make, and turned out brilliantly, but they were fiddly as all heck. It’s a pity I can’t buy them in the UK as they’d be easier. 16 Kroketten and 40 Bitterballen cost me about £5.50 (about €6,55).

      Web-editor’s reply:

      Thank you, Charles, for confirming that good quality Bitterballen and Kroketten can be made ‘at home’ although, as with Oliebollen, require a fair amount of dexterity and experience.

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